Welcome to Arok´s Fantastic Dragon Store!

Here you can find an large Colletction from XXL Dragon and Lizardfigures, Costumes and Larp supplies.

Look out your Favorit Skulptures, Masks or Larp Items.

You can do an spezial Assignment whitout your personal Whishes.

All Objects offered here are German handmade Unique items from Natural Rubber (Latex) and will be by the Name and the Company Logo legally protected!

Please note the additional Duty and Postage fees when shopping abroad.

Current Projects we are postet on:

TV-Interview: http://sr-mediathek.sr-online.de/index.php?seite=7&id=17865

By donating money only is the expansion and the improvement Store financed!

Projekts in Work:

Larp Dragon Project: 5
Larp Lizzard Project: 2

taken Cons:
Drachenfest , EFF, FARC, Phantasy & Mittelaltertage Saarbrücken, RPC, Jules Leipzig

futured Cons:
2015: Halloween Burg Frankenstein, FARC , 6. Phantasy & Mittelaltertage Saarbrücken, Mythodea, ZDL, DF

Arok´s Fantastic Dragon Store is going Online at 8.8.2011