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The mask offered here is a product of the company Aroks-Fantastic-Dragon-Store.

Our latex masks are made by hand. Small deviations in color and finish are normal. Each mask is unique.

Warnings for latex masks:

We strongly recommend that all persons involved in the use of our products undergo a medical examination beforehand to ensure that they are harmless, especially in the case of existing allergies, respiratory heart or circulatory diseases and also weaknesses of this type.

We are not responsible for any health, physical or other damage caused by ignorance (e.g. from a latex allergy) or improper use. We are not liable for damage to health (life or limb) that results from improper use or misuse. Before you use our latex products, you should make sure that you are anti-allergic to natural latex!

Furthermore, we urgently point out that there is an increased risk of suffocation when using all latex masks, so all mask models should only be used if another adult is present.

It is essential to ensure that there is always free breathing.

The Product Liability Act and its provisions exist without restriction.

Latex masks are hygiene articles.